The American club [kynofilias], approved and accepted the American model of race on 4 April 1937. Since then and up to today the popularity of American Akita model continues being rapid. America has the bigger population of Akitas. Also their popularity is expected to increase itself still more around the world, because the Akita is tolerant in extreme meteorological conditions.

The history of Akita has begun from very old times. First it was the history of Hachiko, one from the most respectable Akitas of all time. In 1937 XELEN KELLER was first famous American woman that acquired a Akita.

Look of Akita:

General appearance of Akita As a powerful, courageous and proud dog, SOVEREIGN, DEVOTIONAL, FAITHFUL, SPLENDID, INTELLIGENT, PROTECTIVE. The Akita have become legend for the faith and the devotion that they have shown to their householders. The Akita is a guardian dog. The Akita is not aggressive to people, but has very well developed of keeper and a protective instinct. The faith and the devotion that is demonstrated by a Akita are ostensible.

As puppy, an Akita looks like a baby bear. His beary head and the thick tail are characteristic traits of race, but also the inexperiencedly colors and drawings render this dog unique. In t o enormous bear head exists a exceptionally brilliant brain. The Akita has a internal ability to think from it self, and a very independent character. The Akita learns fast and is bored easily.

Splendid Companions. The life with an Akita companion is not boring. It is particularly pleasant, full from tenderness, amusement and surprises. The Akita and the children can develop a marvelous relation. The puppies of this race who are in same environment with children are very good with them.

Socialization is the key for a Akita. The socialization of Akita from very small age, is the base in order to render him a completed all confidence companion and guardian dog. TheAkita flourishes next to the company of a person and it must be as a member of the house and not just a dog abandoned in the courtyard ignored.

It’s the American Akita, it looks like a bear and the people there in Japan, from where the Akitas comes, usually using the Akitas for the hunting of bear and the guardian of family.